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    Diamond Hill Marketing is a digital marketing consulting firm that helps clients elevate their online visibility with objective-driven marketing campaigns.

About Diamond Hill Marketing

Founded in 2018 by Michelle Ditcheos, Diamond Hill Marketing LLC helps clients elevate their digital marketing efforts and drive high-quality web traffic that converts online visitors to leads and sales. For clients, Diamond Hill Marketing offers digital marketing services that focus on a mix of both organic and paid digital tactics that attract target audiences through all stages of the buyer’s journey. Analytics is an integral part of DHM’s digital marketing services. From the start of any new client engagement, clear KPIs are established and measured consistently to determine success.

  • Crafted with Passion

    We are passionate about digital marketing and helping clients achieve winning results.

  • Analytical

    We are strong advocates of measuring and analyzing analytics continuously to make sure your marketing efforts are paying off and generating success for your business.

  • Diverse Experience

    We have over a decade of experience managing digital marketing campaigns in various industries including but not limited to biotech/life sciences, consumer goods, healthcare, supply chain, manufacturing, higher education, information technology, education technology, and financial services.

  • Lightning Fast Response Time

    We have been told by a number of clients that they love how responsive we are to client requests.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

In today’s digital marketing landscape, having an active social media presence is crucial to staying top-of-mind with your prospects and customers. At Diamond Hill Marketing, the social media approach we follow is not only unique but also generates a return on your investment. DHM acts as an extension to your company, seamlessly matching your companies’ communication style and branding as if you were doing the work yourself. 

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising

We are experienced when it comes to managing social advertising campaigns on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. We will work with you to determine the right audience to target and write compelling ad copy that resonates with your ideal customers’ pain points. 

Paid Search Advertising

Paid Search Advertising

We are certified in Google Ads and Google Analytics. When you hire DHM for paid search advertising management, you will get an expert who can help you generate a quick return on your ad spend.

Digital Marketing Audits

Digital Marketing Audits

Diamond Hill Marketing digital marketing audits are a great way to detect weak points in your online content and campaigns and gain a better understanding of what needs to be improved in order to elevate your digital marketing efforts. 

What others say about Diamond Hill Marketing

“I’m a small business owner and I was “managing” my own Google Ads for years until I met Michelle at Diamond Hill Marketing, and asked her if she could do an audit for us. I was apprehensive to make the investment at first, but after we reviewed my ads and made necessary changes, I was shocked to learn how much money was being wasted. I also didn’t understand as much as I thought I did about Google Ads, so it was a great learning experience. Now our ads are more targeted and are performing much better! Tough lesson, but glad we’ve finally gotten things straightened out. It was worth it! Diamond Hill is trustworthy, professional, and on the ball! Highly recommended!”

“Working with Michelle from Diamond Hill Marketing has been a real pleasure. Her extensive knowledge and experience with how best to leverage social media and other electronic assets have been an invaluable piece of our growth. Michelle has an eye for detail and a creative approach to developing a compelling strategy while delivering on these plans in a timely manner.”

“What a great team! Diamond Hill quickly put an extensive marketing plan together and executed it, working seamlessly as an extension of our own team. They blended metrics, data, research, market insights and company challenges to bring the company to a more professionalized marketing strategy. Thank you team!”

“Michelle’s wealth of expertise in digital marketing has been a pillar for our team. She works well with our entire team providing continuous feedback and solutions to help us drive toward our goals. She is a consummate professional who places a strong focus on her customer’s needs. Michelle focuses on the entire cycle of a project following its progress even after it’s been implemented. It’s been an absolute pleasure to work with Michelle!”

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