Often times when I ask a client or prospect what their biggest challenge is with social media, the answer I typically hear is not having enough time. Let’s face it, managing social media marketing channels for a business can be very time consuming and can make you feel overwhelmed if you don’t have a clear social media marketing strategy that measures social ROI.

One of the most time-consuming parts of managing social media channels for a business is coming up with enough original social media content to fill the social media calendar. Do you feel the same way? If so, read the list below which outlines 5 social media content themes (that I’ve personally seen perform well in 2020) that can help you write engaging social media posts.

  1. What’s new with your company? Followers want to know what is new with your company while also learning the human side of your brand. Feature employee spotlights, zoom/video sharing hangouts, new employees at your company, anything that highlights your brand’s personality. Bonus Tip: Tag employees on social media and don’t forget to include people photos for higher engagement rates!
  2. Repurpose content that you already own This one is something many people forget to do, yet is so easy. Let’s say you have an eBook or whitepaper that you’ve done a few years ago that has some really interesting facts or images. Use short tidbits of content from these types of resources and make them into a variety of social media posts. The same goes for infographics, old blog posts, webinars, videos, podcasts and flyers. Bonus Tip: Upload media files natively to your social channel as much as possible so your audience doesn’t have to leave the social channel and you get prioritized from the social network’s algorithm.
  3. Share industry news Ever hear of the popular saying ‘you get what you give?’ This phrase applies in the social media world. If you only toot your own horn about your company in all of your social media posts then don’t expect other brands or key influencers to share your content on their channels. Once you start sharing relevant content from other sources that your audience finds useful, you’ll quickly start to see those sources thanking you and wanting to share your content on their channels in return. Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to add commentary as much as possible when sharing content to help your followers gain a better understanding on why you are sharing that content in the first place.
  4. Announcements Have a new webinar that you want your followers to attend? Or what about a new product that you recently launched? Posting these types of announcement posts can help build excitement to your followers and let them know what is new with your business. Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to post about announcements several times leading up to the big event or date that something will be launched to build enough buzz. You can even make a post during or after the event to recap the key-takeaways for those that missed the event.
  5. Inspirational content that develops an emotional connection between your brand and followers Put yourself in your target audience’s shoes. What types of content do you think will make them want to click the “love” button? What types of content do you think they can relate to the most in this exact moment? Inspirational content tends to get higher engagement on social media because it forms a personal connection to your followers and inspires them to take an action. Focus on using photos of people engaging in activities related to your products/services. Bonus Tip: Stay away from stock photography and include real photos of people instead!

Still don’t think you have enough time to create social media content for your business? Please don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule a free 15-minute digital marketing consultation. I would love to to learn more about your business and discuss how Diamond Hill Marketing can help you. In the meantime, happy posting!

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