Andrew J: “Working with Michelle has been a real pleasure. Her extensive knowledge and experience with how best to leverage social media and other electronic assets has been an invaluable piece of our growth. Michelle has an eye for detail and a creative approach to developing a compelling strategy while delivering on these plans in a timely manner.”

Sheila E: “Michelle Ditcheos is one of the finest, most professional resources I had the privilege to work with at PerkinElmer. Her knowledge and experience in SEM lead to the best performance of all of my digital marketing channels. Along the way, she was quick to make recommendations, make changes to improve results and was consistently monitoring the performance of all my campaigns. She is a gem!”

Giulia O: “Michelle has been a wonderful resource for our paid search programs, proactively looking for ways to optimize them, and thanks to her continued efforts, our investments in these programs have delivered great results for both lead and opportunity generation. And no matter how well these programs were performing, she would always look for new ways to make them even better. Not only is Michelle talented in this field, but her energy and enthusiasm make her the ideal partner.”

Rob R: “Michelle has been an amazing resource and partner in tackling our paid search and social selling techniques at PerkinElmer. Extremely energetic and bright, Michelle brandishes the latest digital methods and techniques to keep us communicating and ranking at the top of our industry. She is very proactive and goes above and beyond with genuine enthusiasm and interest in my business. I give Michelle my highest recommendation.”

Dan R: “Having worked with Michelle over the past year it is abundantly clear that her wide ranging skill set, along with her attention to detail and high self-motivation, would make her an asset to any organization. Michelle’s expertise in the social media marketing field is second to none. Her ability to be creative and adapt to the ever changing social media field have been beyond impressive.”

Eric S: “Michelle spent a lot of time doing content production for Break Media Group. She had a keen eye for good ideas as well as an ability to develop high quality focused content. It returned great results, she also provided good insight into long-term goals and developing strategies.”

Alicia L: “I am a VERY hard to please client and Michelle amazed me with her knowledge, confidence and astuteness. She’s a very smart, direct and does not give up even when you want to run away!!”

Mary F: “Michelle is very positive and energetic, and savvy about social media. She has gone the extra mile to share her social media knowledge and skills and provide training so that we can continue the Twitter and Google Plus campaigns that she launched for us. She also has given us pointers on Facebook and Hootsuite. She’s been a pleasure to work with.”

Erin B: “With an astounding social media presence herself, Michelle has proven time and time again to be our in-house social media guru. Her insight into the latest trends in this space have been an extremely valuable asset to our agency. Michelle is incredibly driven to discover new ways of achieving optimal results on behalf of our clients and is on the cutting edge of innovation. Not only hardworking and motivated, she is also a pleasure to work with and always does so with a smile on her face.”

Monica C: “Michelle is a communicative and consistent consultant. She is easy to work with and was reliable in providing the information promised. In addition, her updates were very thorough and relevant.”

Yahia K: “It was a pleasure working with Michelle. She knows online marketing excellently. Her excellent personality and great knowledge of understanding of ROI really impressed me. Michelle knows what to expect from what was assigned to achieve.”

Charles F: “Michelle brings a tremendous amount of knowledge, expertise and energy to work every day. She is extremely gifted in all aspects of Digital Marketing and Account Management and has taught me many lessons about the importance and effectiveness of social media for businesses. Her skill set is vast and she is very deadline and results focused on any project she is working on.”

Stephen W: “Few can match the enthusiasm and dynamism that Michelle brings to the table. Her divergent thinking provides a constant resource of new ideas and initiatives to improve projects, enhance metrics, and more efficiently reach her goals.”