Below are a few highlights that showcase the recent success stories of Diamond Hill Marketing.

Social Media Marketing


  • Drive more brand awareness of a Fortune 500’s business unit to a targeted audience on Twitter and LinkedIn

Optimization Technique:

  • Twitter
    • Updated Twitter channel with new branding
    • Posted on average 60 tweets/month which consisted of both branded and industry related content
    • Researched and engaged with key influencers and partners
    • Launched a listening program
    • Launched a variety of promoted tweets campaigns to drive traffic to specific branded tweets and generate new, high quality followers
  • LinkedIn
    • Launched new Showcase Page on LinkedIn and added unique channel branding
    • Posted on average 50 LinkedIn posts/month which consisted of both branded and industry related content
    • Launched LinkedIn sponsored post campaigns that targeted specific job titles and company names
    • Launched a social media employee advocacy program to encourage employees to share LinkedIn posts organically
    • Helped select sales reps with updating their LinkedIn personal profiles to better showcase company profile

Results in a 12-Month Period:

  • Twitter
    • Gained 8K followers on Twitter and generated 50+ leads
    • Generated over 1K engagements and approximately 23K visits to the website
  • LinkedIn
    • Gained approximately 3K followers and generated 90+ leads
    • Generated over 2,700 shares and over 8K visits to the website

Paid Search Marketing


  • Optimize and manage 40+ Global Google Ad Campaigns with over $900K yearly spend to ensure all ads were generating leads at a low CPA

Optimization Technique: 

  • Prioritized campaigns with specific monthly budgets
  • Provided strategic advice on geographic targeting, landing page design & copywriting, and other important factors
  • Launched A/B testing within ad groups to see which ads converted best
  • Aligned ad groups with specific keywords to increase quality score
  • Added high priority keywords to ad copy to increase CTR
  • Included site links, call out extensions and other additional features to campaigns to make sure ads took up more real estate on the search network
  • Added new negative keywords weekly to decrease unwanted spend
  • Launched new remarketing campaigns that targeted users who have been to the website before with responsive ads that had strong call to actions to encourage prospects/customers to take an action such as fill out a form or request more information

Results in a 12- Month Period:

  • Increased conversions by approximately 2.6X and decreased average cost/conversion from $102.66 to $39.17