Have you recently noticed your engagement metrics have changed on LinkedIn?

It could be because of LinkedIn’s new algorithm which now includes dwell time in the feed algorithm.

What does dwell time mean exactly?

From LinkedIn: “At a high level, each update viewed on the feed generates two types of dwell time.

First, there is dwell time “on the feed,” which starts measuring when at least half of a feed update is visible as a member scrolls through their feed.

Second, there is dwell time “after the click,” which is the time spent on content after clicking on an update in the feed.”

Why was dwell time added?

Dwell time was added to increase the chances of users seeing posts they’ll likely engage with. Since everyone’s time spent on LinkedIn is valuable, factoring in this important metric will help users see valuable content more often. This will also help prevent users having to scroll through their news feed without pausing and interacting with posts.

What do you need to do as a result of this new algorithm?

If you manage a LinkedIn Company page, it is more important than ever before to continue posting content that entices users to consume the content. So the next time you write a LinkedIn update, ask yourself these type of questions:

  • What type of content would keep my target audience wanting to read more?
  • What types of content provides my target audience the most value?

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