Life has been quite different these past 7 months. We’ve had to cancel in-person events, change the way we shop and socialize, and get used to being home a lot more often. It’s amazing to see how most businesses have been able to quickly change the way they operate in order to survive. While wearing a mask, sanitizing everyday items and staying 6-feet apart may not be the ideal situation, it has become the new normal that our society has accepted in order to avoid spreading COVID-19.

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Digital marketing is constantly changing and the way it evolves will only change more during a world health crisis. The pandemic has taught me 3 key takeaways as a marketer:

  1. Change is good. We must keep adapting to change in order to stay afloat.
  2. We can’t stop socializing. It is extremely unnatural for people to stop socializing. I can certainly attest to this with my soon-to-be 3 year old son who keeps asking for play-dates with his friends! Lucky for us, he doesn’t mind wearing his puppy mask.
  3. Social media marketing will be valued significantly more. Social media will be most likely utilized more in a post-COVID world.

According to Business Insider, US adult social network users will spend 7 more minutes per day on social networks in 2020 than in 2019. That’s almost 43 more hours in a year that prospects can learn about your company online!

Social media marketing is a powerful channel to focus your marketing efforts on right now. Posting on the right social media channels where your audience spends the most time is a great way to communicate to your customers and prospects what is happening at your company in an inexpensive way. As you rethink your marketing plans for the remainder of 2020, remember to put social media marketing at the top of your priority list.

Need help managing your social channels or setting a new social media strategy? Get in touch with me and I’ll be happy to learn more about your social media marketing goals!

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