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10 Tips for Increasing LinkedIn Company Page Engagement

Whether your business is looking to increase brand awareness, find new employees or share your latest news, LinkedIn is a great platform to use. LinkedIn now has over 750 million members with over 57 million registered companies. As more companies prioritize LinkedIn for their digital marketing strategy, you may be wondering what should my company promote to stand out from the competition and attract the most engagement from my target audience?

In this post, I will outline 10 tips to help you increase LinkedIn company page engagement. These recommendations will increase your organic followers, capture clicks, and make users want to share your company’s posts with their personal networks.

Where should you focus your digital marketing efforts during a pandemic?

Life has been quite different these past 7 months. We’ve had to cancel in-person events, change the way we shop and socialize, and get used to being home a lot more often. It’s amazing to see how most businesses have been able to quickly change the way they operate in order to survive. While wearing a mask, sanitizing everyday items and staying 6-feet apart may not be the ideal situation, it has become the new normal that our society has accepted in order to avoid spreading COVID-19.

Do you know who your LinkedIn company page followers are?

Are you curious who exactly is following your LinkedIn company page? Well, stop wondering and start seeing who your exact followers are by simply doing the following steps:

Log-in to LinkedIn
Go to your company page, under the admin view, click “analytics” and then “followers”
Scroll down and view your followers and the month/year they followed your page