Whether your business is looking to increase brand awareness, find new employees or share your latest news, LinkedIn is a great platform to use. LinkedIn now has over 750 million members with over 57 million registered companies. As more companies prioritize LinkedIn for their digital marketing strategy, you may be wondering what should my company promote to stand out from the competition and attract the most engagement from my target audience?

In this post, I will outline 10 tips to help you increase LinkedIn company page engagement. These recommendations will increase your organic followers, capture clicks, and make users want to share your company’s posts with their personal networks.

  1. Make them visual. Use visually appealing media files to entice users to stop scrolling and engage with your post. I’ve found a lot of success with uploading short videos (under 60 seconds) natively to the platform. Also, if you plan on including any audio in your video files, don’t forget to include captions as most users are watching video content on their phones and might not have their audio turned on. A great caption tool that I like to use is called Kapwing, check it out here.
  2. Animate your text on images. LinkedIn users love looking at beautiful photos, but animating the images can raise your LinkedIn game to a new level. Video captures the attention of your audience and keeps them watching until the end.
  3. Keep it simple. Sometimes the best LinkedIn posts are 1-2 sentences long because most users don’t have a lot of time to read lengthy posts. Don’t be afraid to get right to the point in your post, but don’t forget to include a clear call to action at the end with where you want your users to go next.
  4. Turn your employees into brand advocates. Do not underestimate the value of your company’s employees when it comes to building your brand on LinkedIn. Research from LinkedIn shows when employees share content, they typically see a click-through rate that’s double that of their company. Employee sharing is incredibly powerful and is imperative for growing your brand’s voice on LinkedIn. Thankfully LinkedIn launched an employee notification feature that allows page admins to notify employees of important updates on an organization’s company page. For more information about this recent feature, click here.
  5. Address and solve your customers’ most common pain points. Nothing resonates with your audience better than when you speak their language. If you focus on content that solves your customers’ pain points, your audience will be more likely interested in what you have to say as opposed to some sales pitch. If you need help identifying your customer pain points you can send a survey to your existing customers, ask your sales team, check out online reviews or post a LinkedIn poll. When addressing customer pain points on LinkedIn, ask questions in your post copy if your followers can relate to your mentioned pain points and then answer how your company can solve them.
  6. Upload PDF files. Does your organization have flyers, brochures, case studies, eBooks, white papers, infographics, or any other PDF files that tell your brand’s story? If yes, make sure you are promoting them natively on LinkedIn. Not only does LinkedIn reward you for uploading native content to their platform, but it also allows users to learn more about your company without leaving LinkedIn.
  7. Tag people and company pages in your updates. Tagging users and other company pages on LinkedIn is a fantastic way to boost engagement because it notifies others when they have been mentioned, driving likes and shares of your content. Next time your organization writes a blog post, tag the author. Is your organization part of an association? Tag the company page. Have a customer quote worthy of sharing? Tag the customer.
  8. Ask users to engage with your posts. Adding a simple call to action that asks users to engage with your posts, such as “share this post with your colleagues” or “like this post if you agree” at the end of your LinkedIn posts, can help drive more user engagement.
  9. Promote holidays. There are 10 annual U.S. federal holidays on the calendar designated by Congress to celebrate with your audience. Plus, there are hundreds of social media holidays that you can promote and tie back to your organization’s industry to help fill the social content calendar and generate user engagement. Some of my favorites are #NationalPuppyDay (March 23),  #TalkLikeAPirateDay (September 19) and #WorldSmileDay (October 1). Don’t forget to include the hashtag to get increased post views. Here’s a great calendar from Hubspot to check out.
  10. Poll your audience. Users love giving their opinion especially if they recognize that their opinion can provide an organization value. Some good questions to get started are polling your audience on what type of content they want to read next on your blog post or what topic they are most interested in learning more about in an upcoming webinar. For help creating a LinkedIn poll, click here.

Thanks for reading my blog post. I hope you found these tips helpful. If you’d like to learn about my social media services, please click here.

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